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Full Thrust Fighter Groups

The image of small manned starfighters manuvering around large capital ships is a common trope in science fiction movies, TV and literature.  So naturally they need to be include in Full Thrust or the masses would riot.

Integrating fighters into a ruleset is a challenge as they can be too strong or too weak.  In the case of Full Thrust, they can be both, too weak and too strong depending on the numbers taken.  A couple fighter groups isn't much of a threat but a table full of 'soap bubble'* carriers can overwhelm nearly any defense.

There have been many attempts to reign in fighters to make them a viable option no matter how many groups are on the table like the Beta Fighter Rules on this site but there are others out there.  Have fun and play the game, not the rules.


Fighter Group Point Costs

The point costs on ships to do not include the cost of fighters the ship can bring in its fighter bays.  When using CPVs, most of the cost of fighter bay and the hull section it is mounted in is transferred to the fighter group itself.  Here are the point costs for a group each of the standard fighter types for both NPV and CPV.

Heavy, Fast, and Long-Range are modifications that can be made to the other fighter type for more customization (Heavy Attack, Fast Interceptor, etc.) so that modification cost is also indicated.

Fighter Type   NPV Group   CPV Group    Fighter Type  NPV Group  CPV Group  Mod Cost
Standard  18 (3 each) 48 (8 each)    Heavy  30 (5 each) 60 (10 each)  2pts/ftr 
Attack   24 (4 each) 54 (9 each)   Fast  24 (4 each) 54 (9 each)  1pt/ftr 
Interceptor  18 (3 each) 48 (8 each)    Long-Range  24 (4 each) 66 (11 each)  NPV 1pt/ftr 
CPV 3pts/ftr
Torpedo  36 (6 each) 66 (11 each) 




Fighter Group SSDs

These small SSDs have most of what you need to add the fighter groups on board ships to the fleet sheet next to their carriers.  Each SSD has boxes to mark off fighters killed and endurance used along with boxes to indicate additonal mods like Heavy for Fast.

Blank SSDs don't have a fighter image on them so you can paste in whatever image you want or you can use the ones with images and there are a few options to choose from.

GZG Alien Fighters - The alien races featured in Fleet Book 2 have some special rules and are a bit different from human fighters.  they are detailed below with their own SSDs
Kra'Vak      Sa'Vasku      Phalons


Blank SSDs - Add your own image



Fighters Option #1



Fighters Option #2



Fighters Option #3



Fighters Option #4



Fighters Option #5



Fighters Option #6



Full Thrust Alien Races

Kra'Vak Fighters
Kra'Vak fighters attack with 1 die per fighter in the group, but they use kinetic rather than energy weapons and their damage profile is slightly different; on a roll of 1-3 they do no damage, on a 4 or 5 they do 1 DP, on a 6 they do 2 DP but this treated like a K-gun hit: 1 DP to armour and 1 DP to the hull. There are no rerolls made when firing at ships, and screens have no effect against the fighters' kinetic weapons.
Kra'Vak fighter groups are not subject to the standard Fighter Morale rules, they are subject to Ro'Kah ("Clouded War Mind").

Sa'Vasku Fighters
The standard Sa'Vasku Drone (Ku'Tho'Ra, UN codename SPRIG) is a small, limited-range space combat construct "piloted" by a single volitional brain (which is an integral part of the drone). The drones are assembled, or grown, from biomass constituents within the Drone Wombs of specially-equipped Sa'Vasku ships, which correspond to the fighter carriers of other races. The Sa'Vasku do not use specialised drone types, the standard drone being the combat equivalent of a typical human multirole fighter.
When and if recovered by their broodship (or any other Sa'Vasku ship with an functional drone womb), drones are not re-armed like human fighters - their biomass is reabsorbed by the carrier and may be reused to "grow" new drone groups, or used for other functions.

Phalon Fighters

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