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Designer's Notes


First a big thanks to Jon Tuffley of Ground Zero Games for creating Full Thrust and all the wonderful miniatures that go with it.  Also thanks to the members of the FT Playtest mailing list for their work in designing and reviewing most of these ships.


These pages and the resulting designs are the work of many people, most of which are identified below, any omissions and errors are unintentional.


GZGverse Background:

The time period covered by most of these designs for Human ships is the Xeno War.  Aliens have invaded Human space and battles between the Human factions have diminished as they focus on this outside threat.  There is a new wave of ships being designed and built using the lessons of the past plus some changes in doctrine so they can better battle the Kra'Vak, the main invaders of Human space.


To counter the Kra'Vak's greater maneuverability, many Human ships have higher thrust and weapons with wider arcs than in the past.  Because the Kra'Vak weapons ignore screens and make armour less effective, new Human ships use fewer screens and less armour.


Ship designs are most often improved versions from what was seen in the Fleet Books.  Each fleet should have a very similar feel to the Fleet Book version, but with some updates.  These designs are not optimized and they still have some flaws because everyone using cheesed out perfect ships would be no fun.


Design Credits:

ESU Expanded Fleet - Designs and background by Rich Oden

FSE Expanded Fleet - Designs by Noam Izenberg

NAC Expanded Fleet - Designs by Dean Gundberg

NSL Expanded Fleet - Designs by Roger Burton West and Dean Gundberg

Kra'Vak Expanded Fleet - Designs by Oerjan Ariander, Wave 2 Designs by  "Chief Lackey Rich"

Sa'Vasku Expanded Fleet - Designs by Dean Gundberg

Phalon Expanded Fleet - Designs by Dean Gundberg and "Chief Lackey Rich"


Crustys - Designs by Dean Gundberg, Rocket Cannons from Chief Lackey Rich

Free Cal-Tex - Design by Dean Gundberg

Islamic Federation - Designs by Laserlight

Japanese - Designs by Roger Burton West

New Israeli - Designs by Noam Izenberg

Oceanic Union Self Defense Force (OUDF) - Designs by Zoe Brain and Oerjan Ariander

Outrim Coalition (ORC) - Designs by Oerjan Ariander and Dean Gundberg

ScanFed  - Designs by Dean Gundberg

The Ravagers - Rim Pirates - Designs by Dean Gundberg

United Nations Space Command (UNSC) - Designs by Derek Fulton and Dean Gundberg


Fonts for SSDs:

To help give each fleet an identity, different fonts have been used for the class name on top of the SSD.  People have asked so they are listed here.  All of these fonts should be available for free to download from one or more sites online.  Also for reference, the font used in the Full Thrust Fleet Books for headings and titles is Faktos.

Eurasian Solar Union - Galaxy Monkey

Federal Stats Europa - Ranger

New Anglican Confederation - Eurose

Neu Swabian League - Deutch Gothic

Kra'Vak Dominion - SF Ironsides Extended

Sa'Vasku - Impact

Phalon Conglomerate - Tempus Sans ITC

Crusty Mystery Fleet - SF Ironsides Extended

Free Cal-Tex - Lassiter

Islamic Federation - Arabian Knight

Imperial Japanese Star Fleet - Lightmorning

New Israeli - Keter YG

Oceanic Union Defense Force - Kangaroo Punch

Out Rim Coalition - Radaro

Scandinavian Federation - Nordic

The Ravagers - Rim Pirates - Romulan Falcon

United Nations Space Command - Nasalization



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