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Full Thrust Fleet Resource

For several years I ran Sci-Fi Crossover games at GenCon using Full Thrust rules.  The intent was to get starship miniatures from your favorite shows and movies all on the table at one time.  Something that would cause people to do a double take as they walk by and then maybe ask a question or take a picture.
These pages will break out the SSDs for the ships I used in these games.  I spent lots of time finding top views of the ships and then adding the system icons to make the SSD look recognizable and cool.  The combined control sheets used in the games have been available for download for years, but these pages will break out the individual ships so they can be more easily combined and used with less effort.

Sci-Fi Crossover 1999 - 'The Revenge'
Sci-Fi Crossover 2000 - 'Enter the Executor'
Sci-Fi Crossover 2001 - 'Asteroid Chase' 
Sci-Fi Crossover 2002 - 'Federation & Empire'
Sci-Fi Crossover 2003 - 'Empires & Rebels'
Sci-Fi Crossover 2004 - 'Hollywood Babylon' 
Sci-Fi Crossover 2005 - 'Battlestar to Babylon' 
Sci-Fi Crossover 2007 - 'Imperial Deathmatch' 
Sci-Fi Crossover 2008 - 'Cubes Over Babylon' 
Sci-Fi Crossover 2009 - 'Enemies or Allies' 
How To Use These SSDs
When you want to play a game using the ships on these pages, copy the Ship Staus Display (SSD) images for your fleet and paste them on to a Fleet Sheet with a Fleet Movement Chart on the bottom where you can write your orders, print, then play.

For your conveniance, three different fleet sheets are available:
FTFleetSheet1500 - A gif image with the most room for multiple ship SSDs
FTFleetSheet1080 - A gif image with less room perfect for smaller fleets
FleetSheetFT - A Word document you can paste the SSDs on as floating images

These SSDs may not include Core Systems because the Sci-Fi Crossovers were demo games at a convention and I did not want a player to loose ships on a very random roll of a core breach.  I wanted the players to stay involved for the whole game and have fun.
You can add them back in if checking Core Systems fits your gameplay.  Here are two versions you can use, whichever fits better on how you will print your fleet sheets.
Horizontal Core Systems
Vertical Core Systems

Notes on the Conversions
These are my interpretations of the ships and your interpretations may be different.  My goal was to have the general look and feel of the ships but still be very playable and close to the base Full Thrust rules since these were used at a convention with many new players so complexity was kept low.  I did not try and model every ability or situation that they have used or run into.  Something that showed up on a single episode is not really in the scope of these games.  There are may other peoples versions on the web and you are free to use these or others, just have fun and play the game, not the rules.