A clearing house of designs and SSDs for new Full Thrust miniatures from Ground Zero Games

Full Thrust rules including the supplements More Thrust and Fleet Books 1 and 2 are now available for download directly from Ground Zero Games in their Rules area.


Since Fleet Book 2 was released in 2000, GZG has released miniatures for several new fleets along with additional miniatures for their existing fleets.  While none of these designs are 'official' until published by GZG, the designs presented on the pages are 'Authorized by Ground Zero Games for use until Official stats are published.'   

These ship designs are for use with Fleet Books 1 and 2 rules along with the 'playtest' rules indicated below and this combination is sometimes called Full Thrust 2.5.

GZG has posted on their Rules page, a couple versions of FT Light, a paired down version of the game that is great for introducing people to the rules or use at a convention.  The FT Light (B&W) version fits on a page and the FT Light (color) expands the document in color with more diagrams and examples.

Other parties have compiled rules from all the separate books along with adding some of their own rules and make them available online such as Full Thrust: Project Continuum, Full Thrust: Cross Dimensions, Full Thrust: Warlords Edition, and Full Thrust: Remixed.
The ship designs here do not take any of the changes from those compellations into consideration.

Emerald Coast Skunk Works is also doing a lot of work on updating and expanding Full Thrust so make sure you check them out.

Players are encouraged to send their feedback on these designs to stats@star-ranger.com.


Existing Fleets

The fleets included in Fleet Books 1 and 2


ESU - Eurasian Solar Union

Expanded Fleet


FSE - Federal Stats Europa

Expanded Fleet


NAC - New Anglian Confederation

Expanded Fleet


NSL - Neu Swabian League

Expanded Fleet


Kra'Vak Dominion

Expanded Fleet



Expanded Fleet


Phalon Conglomerate

Expanded Fleet





Fleet Book Reinforcements

Ships that Fleet Book 1 mentions but does not include


New Fleets

These fleets have been released since Fleet Book 2


"Crusty" Mystery Fleet

 Proposed Stats


FCT - Free Cal-Tex

One new miniature


IF - Islamic Federation

Beta-test fleet list for playtesting


IJSF - Imperial Japanese Star Fleet

Beta-test fleet list for playtesting


NI - New Israeli

Beta-test fleet list for playtesting


OUDF - Oceanic Union Defense Force

Beta-test fleet list for playtesting


ORC - Out Rim Coalition

Beta-test fleet list for playtesting


ScanFed - Scandinavian Federation

Proposed Stats


The Ravagers - Rim Pirates

Proposed stats


UNSC - United Nations Space Command

Beta-test fleet list for playtesting 

How To Use These SSDs
When you want to play a game using the ships on these pages, you can copy the Ship Staus Display (SSD) images you want for your fleet and paste them on to a fleet sheet with a Fleet Movement Chart on the bottom where you can write your orders, print, then play.
For your conveniance, three different fleet sheets are available:
FTFleetSheet1500 - A gif image with the most room for multiple ship SSDs
FTFleetSheet1080 - A gif image with less room for smaller fleets
FleetSheetFT - A Word document you can paste the SSDs on as floating images

New Systems

New systems and weapons have been included in some of the Beta-test fleets for testing that may show up in other fleet's designs.

AMT (Anti-Matter Torpedo) - United Nations Space Command

EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) Batteries - Out Rim Coalition

Heavy Missiles - Islamic Federation

LRPT (Long Range Pulse Torpedo) - New Israeli

Graser - United Nations Space Command

Variable Hull Rows - United Nations Space Command 



Non-GZG Fleets
Other gamers have created stats for fleets of miniatures from other manufacturers that are done in a similar style  without being min/maxed and fit in this universe.  Links to those pages with those stats are included here if you want to expand your universe.  Contact the designer of the specific stats on their page if you have any questions.


Altaran Fleet for Space Dreadnought 3000 from Kallistra


AmRep Fleet from Brigade Models


EuroFed Fleet from Brigade Models
EuroFed (New Design) Fleet


Decados Fleet from Noble Armada by Mongoose Publishing/FASA


Obsidian Confederate Fleet from Cyprian Rifts by Dark Nebula Games


ORCDef Fleet from Studio Bergstrom 


South African Confederation Fleet from Brigade Models


Indonesian Commonwealt Fleet from Brigade Models


Starfleet Wars fleets - Updated version 2.0 with SSDs
(now sold as Galactic Knights from Monday Knight Productions)

Terrans Entomalians Avarians Aquarians Carnivorans


Related Links

Combat Point Value - CPV

Large ships in Full Thrust have an advantage over an equal mass/cost of smaller ships due to the way thresholds work.  The Combat Point Value (CPV) was developed as a more accurate combat effectiveness point value that takes ship mass into consideration.


Beta Fighter Rules - New page with the original mailing list post as the archive is no longer there

An attempt to fix the fighter imbalance in the current rules.  The results may look very complex but are not difficult to play.  Whenever the 3rd edition of Full Thrust is released, its fighter rules will probably be different than this.



This Excel Spreadsheet is available for designing Full Thrust ships and it includes playtest systems and CPV calculations.


Designer's Notes